Monday 25 June 2012

Sewing Kit

One of my favourite objects to make is this pieced linen sewing kit roll.  The Big Dots and Sticks are relief printed by me and the tiny square is a vintage French silk denim and the patches on the inside where you stow supplies are felt. When I developed the first samples I was surprized with the interest and they were snapped up quickly, perhaps because it's a satisfying organizer, intimate in scale and soft to touch. 

I just took a few into the Guild Shop, including this one ... 

Linen sewing kit roll with the 'Big Dot' border. 

Linen sewing kit roll.
Linen sewing kit roll insides.  'Sticks' print on the pocket.


  1. I agree that these little kits are very appealing! Would make great gifts!! I will contact you with a request soon.
    Jane A