Thursday 25 October 2012

Time in the Quiet Zone

Time will be in the show Quiet Zone opening Nov 3, 2012 in The Gallery at Queen Elizabeth Park Cultural Centre in Oakville, part of the World of Threads festival of exhibitions in Oakville and Toronto. 

A perforated and appliquéd tree peony pod, drawn from my garden, appears caught in a ground of vermicular lines embroidered in minuscule backstitches. Worked on handmade French paper in DMC and inspired by my passion for French 18th century textiles, Time is a way of channeling between then and now.  

I also wrote about this work at an earlier stage — the post. (Note: This image is more true in colour).

Although I have a long history as a printer and still use printing in many aspects of my work, this piece has none, yet it's primary influences are printed textiles.  A wonderful reference if you're interested in historical printed textiles is Printed French Fabrics by Josette Brédif. 

Time 2012, Valerie Knapp©.  Embroidery, perforation, drawing, appliqué on paper (Saint-Gilles).
Time (detail) 2012 , Valerie Knapp©. 

Time (detail) 2012 , Valerie Knapp©.

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