Monday 7 July 2014

One and Only

This work is a small tribute to my father who chose this town after the war, to start a new life and family. Unfortunate that it disappeared from an exhibition this past winter. Where or where is this piece?

In summer, memories are sweet, of swimming, boating, and fishing with my dad, and of all the special  places where we hiked and played. This aerial view is of my hometown, Gravenhurst, taken about 1960. The factory has been replaced with a grocery superstore and the railway station is now a Rails Museum and Café. Much has changed. 

Family and friends and Muskoka Lake draw me back. 

One and Only, Pressing Matters #14. 2014. Valerie Knapp©  Hand embroidery, DMC, relief print, cotton, paper, vintage postcard, on Japanese Hagaki.