Thursday 13 October 2016


Embedded #1. Valerie Knapp© Vintage cotton trim, encaustic, oil pastel, on panel.

Embedded #2. Vintage mother of pearl, encaustic, panel

Monday 19 September 2016

Pressing Matters

While in the process of handling and pressing dozens of exquisite freesia blooms, I began planning post card size vignettes invoking ideas of memory, loss, wit, and nostalgia.

Steel Heart
Miss Conception

I combined the pressed flowers with embroidery, relief printed images, stitch, ephemera, drawing, and language.

Red Shoes

How To


Pressing flowers, petals or leaves, has persisted for hundreds of years as a memory keeping method of preserving plant material, perhaps a blossom from a loved one, received in response to heartfelt love, or a tragic loss or simply picked up in a meadow on a special day; a fragment of an intimacy shared. 

The End

And Then It Poured

Don't Hold Your Breath

Heart Throb

Please Write


Pressing was also useful as a record keeping of a more pragmatic sort, a way to preserve plants specimens for identification and cataloguing by plant explorers and botanists. The process is sometimes used for art-making.

Plant Life

One and Only

Tuesday 5 January 2016

Happy New Year

Peace T. Valerie Knapp© 2015.  Embroidery, hanky and lace fragments, Japanese and water colour papers, DMC.

Memory Dress with Fancy Ticking. Valerie Knapp© 2015. Embroidery, vintage floral ticking, hanky, lace, and embroidery fragments, water colour paper, antique button, postage stamp, silk, DMC.