Wednesday 25 January 2012

Boxed Embroidery at David Kaye Gallery

Dream #4.  Hand embroidery on cotton 
sheeting. Vintage Ryrie-Birks ring box.
Boxed Embroidery Series ©

David Kaye Gallery has a few pieces from my ongoing Boxed Embroidery Series including Dream #4, Four Seeds and Party Dress. The tiny sleeping children I love to make are worked on cotton bed sheeting. This one is nestled in a beautiful vintage box that was a special gift from Lily Yung.

So innocent, these dreamers.

In Party Dress, the relief print Memory Dress appears printed and stitched on the palest pink vintage silk crepe de chine that I used to make party dresses out of back in the day.

Party Dress.  Silk crepe de chine and DMC thread. 
John Diggin's Jewellry box. Boxed Embroidery Series ©

And seeds ... optimistic, emblematic of the new, a fresh start. 

Four Seeds.  Embroidery on silk. Leather Ganeshi Lal & Son bracelet box. Boxed Embroidery Series ©

Monday 23 January 2012

Pretty Pink Petals of Pelargonium

Inspired by a friend's post Seed Starting Update I snapped a photo of a Pelargonium (unidentified) blooming in my kitchen. A gift in winter, on a gray rainy day...

Pretty pink petals of Pelargonium in January.

Thursday 5 January 2012

Great to be back in the studio

A nice project to ease back into work, this pair of pillows for a stylish client. Mostly linen, pieced with glints of my relief prints and other vintage bits. Reversible, although not intentional. I like to have detail on the back, one always enjoys a surprize. I had fun photographing them ...

but not identical.


 the backs.                                                                                   Happy New Year