Wednesday 25 January 2012

Boxed Embroidery at David Kaye Gallery

Dream #4.  Hand embroidery on cotton 
sheeting. Vintage Ryrie-Birks ring box.
Boxed Embroidery Series ©

David Kaye Gallery has a few pieces from my ongoing Boxed Embroidery Series including Dream #4, Four Seeds and Party Dress. The tiny sleeping children I love to make are worked on cotton bed sheeting. This one is nestled in a beautiful vintage box that was a special gift from Lily Yung.

So innocent, these dreamers.

In Party Dress, the relief print Memory Dress appears printed and stitched on the palest pink vintage silk crepe de chine that I used to make party dresses out of back in the day.

Party Dress.  Silk crepe de chine and DMC thread. 
John Diggin's Jewellry box. Boxed Embroidery Series ©

And seeds ... optimistic, emblematic of the new, a fresh start. 

Four Seeds.  Embroidery on silk. Leather Ganeshi Lal & Son bracelet box. Boxed Embroidery Series ©


  1. Valerie, these are gorgeous! I had one of those head-slapping moments when I saw them: "Why didn't I think of that??"

    1. Thank you! Finding the beautiful boxes is rare but when I do a piece usually follows.

  2. I love this. I too have made embroideries in boxes and I find it to be so satisfying. There is just something extra special about the object within the object. I used to call mine "Look Insides."

    1. Thanks Morna. I'll check out your blog. So slow to respond ... was on holiday in Italy. In Rome I found some wonderful vintage matchboxes from Japan!

    2. Hmmm .... I think I may want your life. :-)

  3. Valerie, these are just divine. I have never seen this done. Thanks for sharing. These posts are older, but hope you continue this craft.