Monday 13 February 2012

Revisiting Crochet

What a fun project to crochet a bonnet for our neighbour's precious baby girl Camilla.  Winter evenings are perfect for handwork. As I worked on this dreamy pink number I tripped into memories of making crochet hats for my kids.

Crochet bonnet. Soft cotton blend yarn from France. Fun pointy crown detail.

Flat view showing shell stitch all along the edge.

 Camilla, age 1, 2012. 
Oh did I get sentimental so I had to find a photo of my daughter Maxine in hers. A range of multi-coloured wool and cotton yarns were worked in a variety of stitches and a dotty green grosgrain ribbon was woven in along the edge. There is a big pom pom hanging from the crown but alas no photo showing it.

Here are the girls ...
Maxine Bell, age 2, 1991.

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