Thursday, 27 April 2017


I'm thrilled to be part of the exhibition First/50, showing three embroidered works from an ongoing series, in which I embroider and appliqué photographs. I was also invited to select three other textile artists from a long list of outstanding graduates of the Textile Studio. This alumni show is a 50th anniversary celebration of the Sheridan Craft and Design program.  If you're in the Oakville area, not far west of Toronto, be sure to check it out! 

Thursday, 13 October 2016


Embedded #1. Valerie Knapp© Vintage cotton trim, encaustic, oil pastel, on panel.

Embedded #2. Vintage mother of pearl, encaustic, panel

Monday, 19 September 2016

Pressing Matters

While in the process of handling and pressing dozens of exquisite freesia blooms, I began planning post card size vignettes invoking ideas of memory, loss, wit, and nostalgia.

Steel Heart
Miss Conception

I combined the pressed flowers with embroidery, relief printed images, stitch, ephemera, drawing, and language.

Red Shoes

How To


Pressing flowers, petals or leaves, has persisted for hundreds of years as a memory keeping method of preserving plant material, perhaps a blossom from a loved one, received in response to heartfelt love, or a tragic loss or simply picked up in a meadow on a special day; a fragment of an intimacy shared. 

The End

And Then It Poured

Don't Hold Your Breath

Heart Throb

Please Write


Pressing was also useful as a record keeping of a more pragmatic sort, a way to preserve plants specimens for identification and cataloguing by plant explorers and botanists. The process is sometimes used for art-making.

Plant Life

One and Only

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy New Year

Peace T. Valerie Knapp© 2015.  Embroidery, hanky and lace fragments, Japanese and water colour papers, DMC.

Memory Dress with Fancy Ticking. Valerie Knapp© 2015. Embroidery, vintage floral ticking, hanky, lace, and embroidery fragments, water colour paper, antique button, postage stamp, silk, DMC.

Saturday, 12 December 2015


Come… one day only flash Pop-Up sale with special guest Vivienne Jones. We're happy to share a drink and show off our wares.

There is new fresh inventory, including the 'Honey Bee' print and I'm introducing a linen, cross-back apron, a take on the traditional Japanese design. 
Also new mixed-media such as Goddess in Green, pictured below and some new encaustic panels.

Sale! We're both offering markdowns on some of our favourite things.… LOTS of great stuff, in time for holiday gifting.

Also, you can visit shops stocking my recent product collections: The Craft Ontario Shop at 119 Cumberland St, in Yorkville, or the Craft Ontario Gallery, 990 Queen St. West near Ossington, where you'll see my work alongside numerous other wonderful things.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Faces to Vancouver

I'm exhibiting two new embroidered works in an invitational show titled Let's Face It, curated by Barbara Cohen, opening Aug 27th in Vancouver at the Circle Craft Gallery on Granville Island.

Goddess of Green, Valerie Knapp© 2015 Hand embroidery, vintage magazine photo,
DMC thread, vintage lace flower, mounted and stitched on paper.

Goddess of Green, (detail) Valerie Knapp© 2015. Hand embroidery, vintage magazine photo, DMC thread, vintage lace flower, mounted and stitched on paper. 

I liked the theme of the face and the opportunity to show in Vancouver. My work often investigates parts of the body, such as the eye, heart, and lungs so to explore the whole face was enticing. Goddess of Green grew out of this image that I had stowed away for many years. I worked directly into the image from start to finish.  Inflated started with the magnificent lips and then the right face was found; the lips were intricately stitched, then applied to this face scavenged from a 1950's magazine. These paper pieces are delicately hand-stitched with a beading needle with DMC cotton.

Inflated, Valerie Knapp© 2015 Hand embroidery, vintage magazine photo,
DMC thread, pencil, beads, antique lace, mounted on foam core. 

Also included in the show are two of my Boxed Embroideries, in particular embroidered sleeping child pieces, Dream #3 and Dream #4,  which are part of a series of tiny stitched faces, tucked under blankets and shown inside small boxes.  In this case, in a sterling silver vintage tooth box and an antique ring box.

Dream #4, Valerie Knapp© 2011 Hand embroidery, cotton sheeting,
DMC thread,  cotton padding, mounted in antique Ryrie-Birks ring box 

Dream #3, Valerie Knapp© 2009 Hand embroidery, cotton sheeting,  DMC thread,  cotton
padding, mounted in sterling silver vintage Lunt tooth box.