Saturday 16 June 2012

Lacemaking in Burano, Venice

While in Venice in April we boated out to the island of Burano on the vaporetto, the water bus. The island is famous for lacemaking.  The Museo de Merletto was an exquisite jewel to discover on this beautiful sunlit day as were the colourful houses (post to follow) and a wonderful meal on a terrace. 

 Photos were not allowed in the museum but I managed to snap a few ... 

Some say the the first formal needle lacemaking for the European royal courts was Venetian and Burano prospered as the centre of excellence and production between the 16th - 18th century, famous in particular for 'punto in aria' (points in the air), one of the most delicate forms on display at the museum among the many fine examples.

'Punto in aria'   Museo Merletto, Burano.

Museo Merletto, Burano.

I saw lacemaking still being done by hand on the island.  The shops stocked work that was locally made and products made in Asia.

Museo Merletto, Burano.

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