Monday 13 January 2014

Hard Twist 8: This is Personal

See my newest work, opening next week in Hard Twist 8: This is Personal at the Gladstone Hotel. A series of fourteen intimate assemblages, titled Pressing Matters, including Steel Heart, will be installed on the 3rd floor.

Exhibition dates - opening Thursday, January 23, 7-10 pm and continues until Sunday, April 27, 2014. Daily 12-5.

Steel Heart 2013. Valerie Knapp©

Coinciding with Hard Twist are two other exhibits—Come Up To My Room and Capacity, part of  TO DO. Forget about the ice storms, come out and stroll, and check out the many shows.  See the handy schedule Toronto Design Offsite Festival for details, hours and dates.

'Hard Twist participants range from established artists with impressive track records to students in the process of refining their focus. The works are tiny and huge, straightforward and complex, representational and abstract, and speak of things as disparate as biblical lyrics, global warming and the fate of dryer lint.
Each year, co-curators Helena Frei and Chris Mitchell weave this wild diversity into a rich and complex tapestry inhabited by a powerful sense of human creativity.' 
In part, from Gladstone Hotel Hard Twist 8 Statement.

January 23-April 27, 2014
OPENING January 23: 7pm - 10pm 
Gallery Hours Daily: 12pm - 5pm

Hard Twist, an annual juried show of work that celebrates the intimate, layered and complex relationship between people and textile, has become an important annual event within the Canadian fibre art community and a signature event for the Gladstone since 2006.
This year, Hard Twist 8: This is Personal showcases works exploring the nuances, complexities and politics of that which is individual, private and intimate encompassing the gamut of the human with signals wrapped in cloth.

Hard Twist 8 Participating Artists:
Susan Avishai, Amy Bagshaw, Elaine Beetison, Jillian Booth, Vicki Burns, Marianne Burlew, Calica Studio, Tonya Corkey, Candace Couse, Marie Pierre Daigle, Marie de Sousa, Anne Devitt, Miriam Grenville, Noah Gano, Philip Hare, Alexa Hatanaka, Lydia Haywood-Munn, Fiona Kirkwood, Dana Kletke, Valerie Knapp, Deborah Koenker, Meghan Macdonald, Tim Manalo, Deborah Margo, Colleen McCarten, Kate McGrann, Joyce Melander-Dayton, Shawna  Munro, Lois  Schklar, Joanna  Schleimer,  Silky Shoemaker, SKETCH, David Woodward

Hard Twist 8 Jurors:
Tonya Corkey
Chung-Im Kim
Roxane Shaughnessy
Helena Frei and Chris Mitchell 

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