Friday 6 February 2015

Guidance off to LA

'Guidance' makes debut in Stitch Fetish 3, opening tomorrow at the Hive Gallery in 
Los Angeles, California — February 7-28th. 

Thanks Ellen Schinderman, curator and stitcher, for the invitation!

Guidance. Valerie Knapp© Hand embroidery, DMC, fabric, vintage hair removal guide, paper,
on Japanese hagaki (postcard).

Guidance (detail). Valerie Knapp© Hand embroidery, DMC, fabric, vintage hair removal guide, paper, on Japanese hagaki (postcard).

Guidance. Valerie Knapp© Hand embroidery, DMC, fabric, vintage hair removal guide,
paper, on Japanese hagaki (postcard).

Invitation—Stitch Fetish 3, curated by Ellen Schinderman, 2015


  1. Congratulations Valerie. Well done!

  2. Thanks Karen, you've sure been busy!

  3. I like how it is mounted on the wall. Thought provoking and beautiful work as usual!

  4. Thank you Judy!

    credit to Sylvia Ptak or David Kaye for the pinned thread silhouette; I saw a few pieces of hers outlined like this at David's a few years back. I like the affect very much and so practical — I wanted a minimal, portable and unbreakable frame to post