Thursday 18 July 2013

Dresses, Pins and Dotted Swiss

For 'throwback' Thursday…

Childhood inspired these dresses, made so crisp, done up in vintage dotted swiss, a pinned layer floated above the relief print on paper. I'd like to revisit these pinned borders.

Memory Dress and Pins. Valerie Knapp© 

Tiny Apron Dress and Pins. Valerie Knapp©

Vintage Dress and Pins. Valerie Knapp

dot·ted swiss (dtd)
A sheer, crisp cotton fabric, sometimes a lawn or batiste, embellished with woven, flocked, or embroidered evenly spaced dots used for blouses, dresses, baby clothes, and was once very popular for curtains.

One source said is was first made on hand looms in Switzerland, as early at 1750. Typical production began in the 1880's


  1. The pinned edges are dangerously divine! I love the cast shadows. Have you seen Andrew McPhail's new work with pins?

  2. Me too, in fact I wrote a bit about the cast shadows but blogspot was being really glitchy today, text jumping all about, I just gave up and posted what I had. I'll look up McPhail. I will try to scan a (pre-digital) slide of a piece 'In and Out of Order' 1996, you may remember it when you see it. Thousands of pins.