Friday 15 February 2013

Two Fruits

Since it's inception in 1995 I've participated in the Shadow Box Show at the Textile Museum of Canada, creating a small work for these exceptional exhibitions. The much anticipated fund-raiser coordinated tirelessly by David Kaye doesn't exist anymore however it was a catalyst for remarkable memory making artworks and friendships and spawned many similar events.  

Online microsites Shadow Box show 2009, also see Shadow Box Show 2008, etc.

One of these shadowbox pieces—Two Fruits, 2009, inspired by Karl Blossfeldt's photos of magnified seeds, l. Silene conica and r. Laserpitium siler was drawn and stitched on Arches paper.  Stimulated by gardening, plant research and experimentation, I'm motivated by related botanical interests including the Parkdale Hort Society where I've been a longtime member.    

Two Fruits, 2009. Valerie Knapp©  Embroidery, drawing, paper, threads, letters.  Shadowbox Show Exhibit 2009, Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto. 

View in the studio—Silene conica and Laserpitium siler and other stuff on my work table....

Work table, drawings, relief carving on softoleum, tools, test prints, pet rock, etc.. VKnapp©

Silene conica in ben musurato, part of Angelic Trio 2011. An embroidered relief print on linen, mounted in relief on vintage sheet music on a wood box frame.

  ben misurato, 2011. Valerie Knapp©  Embroidery, relief print, DMC thread, linen, vintage sheet 
  music, various paper, pins, acrylic, wood box. Also see Angelic Trio.  

Angelic Trio, 2011. Valerie Knapp©   Exhibit—Angels & Argonauts, Lafreniere & Pai, Ottawa 2011.


  1. Ah, I love these pieces. I also miss making and working at the TMC Shadow Box auctions. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Karen! I'm sure many looked forward to the event.