Monday 18 July 2011

Printed fabrics

A range of fabrics hung on a vintage drying rack in my print studio.  They are all relief block-printed on cotton or linen, except Puzzled and Dotty which are screen-printed on cotton.

Prints (l. to r.) Afternoon Dress, Whirl, Memory Dress, Puzzled, Geo Spot, Sticks, Afternoon Dress (mirror-printed), and Dotty. Shirtwaist on natural linen is visible on the print table.

I came upon this beautiful wooden three fold rack at a yard sale years ago. Clothes were covering it, on display.  I asked if the rack was for sale. The owner was surprized that someone would want the rickety old rack so I was lucky and scooped it up for almost nothing.  It is so useful and I love the time worn wood. 

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  1. Welcome to Blogland Valerie.

    I love these printed fabrics.